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2 second delay in video/voice using projector

We just installed a new video projector in our church and use it to project our choir and ministering of the word.

We are using video cameras to do this and I noticed a 2 -3 second delay from the video to the singing. In other words you can see the lips moving, than 2-3 seconds after you can hear what is being sung.

I don't know what is causing this delay. Any suggestions on how to fix this issue or what we can buy so the video is in sync with the singing without any delays. Please advise.

Kind Regards,

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2 second delay in video/voice using projector

Hi B,

This is an easy problem to sort out when editing video, as you simply move the audio track to match the video, but a live performance is another matter.

I'm guessing you are recording the video AND audio through the camcorder, then to the projector, and then to the screen.

Some kind of delay is inevitable due to the time it takes to travel through cables etc. I think you may have to consider installing a separate sound system to record the audio with that, and then matching the video with the audio.

I would imagine your church already has a sound system right? Don't record the audio with the camcorder, and play the audio through the sound system to match it up is my best advice.

This is more of a role for sound technicians. Have a chat with your local audio specialists or the people you bought your sound system from.

Best of luck.

Mr Video :-)


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