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Adding Video instructions for MAC

Hi Peter,
I love your article on"How To Add Video To Your Website"... my problem is I have a MAC. Can you help me??

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Adding Video instructions for MAC

Hi Stephanie,

I do recommend a FLV Encoder for the Mac in my tutorial (On2 Flix Standard), but the easiest free way to encode your video to FLV for both PC & Mac users is to register for free at SBITUBE and upload your video just like you would at YouTube.

SBITUBE provides you with a high quality FLV encoded version of your video, and provides you with a free FLV player and the HTML embed code.

SBITUBE offers a free 30 day trial, but you can download the FLV they create from your main video page and then follow my instructions here as normal.

But as SBITUBE costs from less than 3 cents per day per video, you do have to wonder if it's worth the hassle of doing it all yourself?

Hope that helps,

Mr Video :-)

Note: SBITube now uses an iframe application that allows any video to be played on any type of computer, pad or phone - it automatically detects the device and plays the video flawlessly.

If you have a video question, click HERE to ask Mr Video!


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