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Adding video to website problem

by Barrie

Hi Pete,

Yes, but... I went right up to the "Just click on the 'Update Preview & Code' button after you have made your changes to see the result."

The result was great, I copied the code onto my website, but all I get is on the page is: "This text will be replaced." Did I stuff up somewhere at the last hurdle?

I got an email from Longtail saying I needed to register and get a licence, but you say that's not the problem. Should I scrap the lot and just start again? The preview of the video was really great. Pasted the code to:


I haven't built a page, this is just the first step to see if I too can make a video.


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Adding video to website problem

Hi Barrie,

Your embed code seems to have some additional code in it not created by the JW Wizard, which may be the problem.

Your embed code does work fine in IE though.

"You need to download your own copy of the JW Player (swfobject.js is included in the download) and place it on your own server"

Ignore the swfobject.js part, and I can see you have already uploaded your FLV player to your SBI! account.

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Mr Video :-)

Hello Pete,

Still stuck! I copied the embed code (below) and pasted it onto my page, but still the same result.

This sentence is confusing me: "You need to download your own copy of the JW Player (swfobject.js is included in the download) and place it on your own server -"

Does this still have to be done?

Sorry, you need to write a second website: ... for dummies squared!


You've simply copied the wrong embed code Barrie. You copied the 'swfobject 1.5' code, when you should have selected and copied the 'embed' code option.

Just go back to the JW Player Wizard and use the 'embed' code option, and all will be fine.

The 'swfobject 1.5' code requires an additional script to be added to your server, which is why it's not working.


Mr Video :-)


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