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Adding Titles Video Tutorial

Your title is the first thing your viewer sees, so make it count.

Welcome to the Adding Titles video tutorial. In the video below, you will learn how to add titles to your video and/or DVD, which you use to produce professional looking titles at the beginning of your video, transitions between your chapters and credits at the end of the video.

Most video editing programs have a title feature included, but they are normally limited in what they can do and can look a little basic. I recommend you use a graphics program, like Photoshop, to create great looking titles with graphic backgrounds.

Top Tip! - Don't forget to save your first titles page as a template in your graphics program, so you can quickly create new titles for the rest of your project.

Titles are an essential part of a video or DVD, as they are normally the first thing your viewer sees, so you need to make sure you give a good impression!

To watch the video tutorial, simply click the white triangle on the image below. Don't forget to turn your speakers on ;-)

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If the video keeps pausing or 'buffering', your computer and/or Internet connection is running a little slow. Simply hit the 'pause' button and let the video load before playing (See the loading bar below the video).

If you cannot see the video above at all, you probably need to download the latest free version of the Adobe Flash Player by clicking HERE. If you have any video questions you need answering, click HERE and ask Mr Video!

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