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Dear Mr. Video.

Thank you for a great website with so much great information ;)
Below is a chinese music video from Youtube with some cool graphics. I would like to make some cool music videos with these type of animated graphics and was wondering what are some of the software editors out there that allow you add these types of graphics to your videos? Also, how did they make the color tone of the video to look such a nice pastel color this way? Thank you so much Mr. Video and have a great day ;)

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What you are looking at are usually referred to as "video effects". Most video editing software comes pre-packaged with some video effects. However, if you search the web for the term "video effects" you will find that you can download more video effects - sometimes free, sometimes paid.

Some of the free video editing software like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker will allow you to add some video effects. However, I recommend you click on the link above and check out the inexpensive software that Sony offers. It will give you many more options in terms of adding special video effects.

Paul :-)

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