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Blue Screen Error While Uploading to Kunaki

I have spent two days trying to upload to a CD to Kunaki. Initially I was uploading an MP3 and it would quickly go to 50% complete on the upload and then stop for 5 hours. I would redo it and start again. The same thing happened. Then I switched to a WAV file and again got to 50% complete in the upload but then got the blue screen error. I repeated and the same thing happened. Will I be able to use their software for uploading or will I need to use someone else for my CD's. I have AVG virus scan which has been very reliable, I defrag weekly, and also check for errors weekly. So I keep up the computer doing what I know how to do.

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Blue Screen Error While Uploading to Kunaki

Thank you for your information. Yes, it was the antivirus program and after it was deactivated the program worked o.k. Thanks again. Best, Carl

sometimes the antivirus program will begin running when the system thinks it is idle. It then finds your computer being accessed while uploading the file. the communications between the two computers may confuse your virus program, and it shuts things down. try turning it off during the upload. also make sure windows update is also off as I have found that to interrupt, or slow down my computer because of shared resources.

just my thoughts.
not a computer geek.

I recommend you check out Kunaki's FAQ page at http://kunaki.com/ContactUs.htm and click on the 'Contact Us' link on that page if you do not find the answer you are looking for.

Kunaki Support are very brief and 'to the point', but will identify the problem I'm sure.

It just sounds like your trying to upload a CD format not supported by Kunaki, but I may be wrong. Personally, Ihave never experienced any problems uploading to Kunaki in the 3 years I've used them.

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