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Buffering on Videos

by Dan
(USA, Atlanta)

I have good internet connection. Videos playing @ 360p no problem. Most youtube videos @ 480p play intermittently, as in the they play 15 seconds, then stop for 2-3 seconds to buffer then play and so on. Same thing I see with your video on your homepage. Why does that happen?


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Buffering on Videos

Hi Dan,

There are three reasons why a web video buffers, and in order of relevance, they are;

[1] Slow Internet connection. You say you have a good Internet connection, but what do you mean by 'good'? 2Mbps? 20Mbps? Cable or Fibre Optic? There is only one way to find out, and that is to go to www.speedtest.net and test your Internet connection speed. Most people will discover it is not as fast as their Internet provider tells them! They normally state speeds as 'UP TO', so yours could be from 0Mbps to their stated maximum speed.

[2] Slow computer. Yes, if your computer is very slow, or has lots of applications running, then it can affect things such as watching online videos. Close all applications and run some diagnostic software to see if your computer needs a clean up or if you need to upgrade your RAM, processor or even your computer!

[3] Busy website. Finally, and the least possible reason why your web videos buffer is due to the fact that the website you are viewing the video on is very busy and the sites servers are struggling. This is rare nowadays to be honest, and I would always look to the previous two reasons first.

I'll put my money on the fact that your Internet connection isn't as fast as you think, and that is what is causing the problem. Let me know how you get on?

Mr Video :-)

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