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Camcorder features for ustream.tv

by Brigje

Hi Mr video,

There is a question on this forum which looks like my topic, but because there is a difference, I'll post my question :

Because of the "death" of my camcorder I'd like to buy a new one, for family use, holiday etc. Thereby I'd like to make a webshow with my son and he wants to be the cameraman. A webcam doesn't give the feeling of a cameraman.

So the camera to buy should be like a camcorder and being multifunctional; for ustream / live video streaming and for private video.

I have understand that the requirements of the camera for Ustream are:

1. *Live usb camera

2. *a DV camera with firewireconnection which is functioning with our OS WIndows 7.

My questions here about are:

1. What is a Live USB camera? (I thought a camera whith USB 2.0 connection, so I was thinking to buy the JVC GZ MS 110)

2. Is a miniDVcamera also a DVcamera? (When yes I'm thinking about buying the JVC GR-D725 with firewire cable)

Which one would you recommend?

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Camcorder features for ustream.tv

Another option if you want to spend the money is a new camera by Contour.

This camera offers:
- a super wide angle lens
-Bluetooth to connect to a Smartphone that acts as your view finder to check the pics
-an external microphone jack which I feel is a must have in any video camera

Of course, putting this altogether costs more then the two separate cameras recommended above.

But if you want one camera for streaming and shooting action videos this might be for you

Hi Brigette,

As I stated in this answer Camcorder for livestreaming, it is a better idea to buy two separate cameras for the tasks you envision.

A webcam is not very useful for filming family events - you will not have any audio feed for the movie.

Camcorders are not really built for live streaming, especially with the new memory card technology.

If you are on a budget check out our cheap camcorder recommendations. As of this writing the Zi8 would be ideal for your son to use to create movies.

If you want a webcam check out the Logitech 1080p Webcam Pro C910Webcams & Network Cameras)

The prices of these two cameras will run under $200 - less then the cost and trouble of trying to find one camera to do two different functions


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