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camcorder recommendatio for live streaming video broadcasting on uStream.tv

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I want a camcorder that is a good match to use to live stream my classes to remote locations through uStream.tv. So it is not the recording capability that is important but the ability to send clear images through the computer. Sorry I don't know the correct terminology to use here. I have never used a camcorder.

I appreciate your advice to get one with a remote mic. so I have that piece of information. Someone told me it was important to use a firewire connection. So that would be an important feature too, although maybe they all have that.

It needs to be able to be attached to a tripod, which is probably also a standard capability, but I thought I should mention it. What kind of cables would I need to connect it to my computer (PC)

Thank you very much
Jennifer Grainger

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camcorder recommendatio for live streaming video broadcasting on uStream.tv


There's a whole bunch of options. Just search Amazon


Hey I have a Sony Digital Handycam that works great when I attach it via firewire to my CPU to broadcast on Ustream however my portable laptop that I'll need on location is without a firewire port. Is there a firewire to USB connector I can use to upload my video to the laptop?

Hi Jennifer,

As you cannot use any camcorder that records to a memory card for live streaming on uStream.tv (or anywhere else for that matter), you are limited to using a tape-based camcorder for the job. This is old technology now, but will still do the job well.

Any HDV camcorder, like the Canon HV30 or HV40 will do the job, but I recommend you purchase a good webcam for streaming to uStream, and get a separate camcorder for other video work.

Webcams are built specifically for this task, and Logitech manufacture a range of great HD webcams, including the excellent Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910 with 1080p Video for less than $75 on Amazon.

They are connected by Hi-Speed USB 2.0 and wilkl provide great video quality for live streaming (uStream themselves also recommend Logitech webcams).

They also have a built-in 'noise cancelling' stereo mic for great audio as well, which means less cables and equipment for you.

It also attaches to the top of your monitor or laptop, which is handy, as you will need a monitor to view yourself when recording anyway.

You can then buy the Kodak Zi8 pocket HD camcorder for other video work, and you're all set for a total investment of less than $175!

In comparison, a Canon HV40 will cost you about $700, but will offer better video quality and more manual features, including zoom etc. You would connect this via a firewire port.

Hope that helps, and best of luck with your TV show?

Mr Video :-)

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