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camcorders for green screen or chromakey video

by sandra martin

My son got a green screen and software for christmas but he said our camcorder is not good enough.

Can you recommend a good camcorder for making green screen (chromakey) videos.

Thanks Sandra

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camcorders for green screen or chromakey video

Your son sounds just like me Sandra - I always want better video equipment. I think it's a guy thing ;-)

Actually, the most important piece of equipment for creating great green screen or chromakey work (Apart from the green screen of course!) is lighting, as that is what is really going to make the difference and where most people get it wrong.

Having said that, having a good camcorder is important for creating great video of any sort.

Tell me what your current camcorder make and model is, and I'll tell you if he's trying to pull a fast one? ;-)

Mr Video :-)

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