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Cannot get good video onto SBI Site

by Greg

Hi Bill,

I'm trying to get a good quality video onto my SBI site. Have used a webcam in the past and stored at Deskping, a service that stores the file and creates HTML for me to put on my SBI site.

Problem is I'd like better quality video. I now have a Sanyo HD video camera which gives me a variety of recording formats 1920x1080, 1280x720, 640x480, 320x240 in either 60 or 30fps.

Editing with Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD 9.0.

Quality of videos via Deskping not good enough.

Tried storing videos on Amazon S3 using a service called ezs3 but although quality of vids is good there is a long lag till they start playing. I'm told Vegas leaves the metadata at the end of the file and the whole file has to load before it plays.

What solution would you recommend. Feel free to offer your SBI player.

Hope you can help, Greg

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Cannot get good video onto SBI Site

Hi Greg,

I use SBITUBE to add videos to all my websites, as it is easy, quick, great value and very dependable. The FLV encoding is high quality and their servers are fast and specially designed for video. The provide the embed code and FLV player, which are fully customizable.

You can also easily add your own logo, preview image, redirect link, player skins etc. Support is excellent, and they have video tutorials showing you how to use all their features.

They have a free 30 day trial, so you can try them out to see how you get on. Go to www.sbitube.com

How the video plays on your website has nothing to do with your editing program. 99% of online video is 'progressive download' (Including YouTube), which simply means the video is downloading as you watch it online.

Whether a video starts pausing or 'buffering' when you play it mainly depends on the speed of your Internet connection. Someone with a 50MB Cable Broadband connection will watch a HD movie with no problem, but someone using a 1MB satellite Internet connection will experience a lot of buffering and will probably have to pause the video and let the large video file download a while before watching it. It's no different to downloading any file really.

Hope that helps?

Mr Video :-)

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