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Canon Camcorder & Windows 7 Connectivity Issues - firewire problems

by Greg
(New Zealand)

Hi Peter,

Not sure where this fits in so please move it to where you feel it is appropriate.

I have a Canon Vixia HV30 and use Sony Vegas software. Recently I upgraded my system software to Windows 7 and upgraded my Sony Vegas to Movie Studio HD Platinum 10.

After the upgrade I went to import some video via my FireWire card and lo and behold I could not. Big problem!!!, as I use video extensively on my site. Sony Vegas could not see the camcorder. From what I can determine this quiet a common problem with Cannon & Windows software.

After 2 days of searching for a solution and trying various other programs still no response an reading hundreds of posts in forums, from people with similar problems and none of their solutions seemed to work.

Then I found a post on how to fix this without having to go through multiple processes to import the video. I have pasted the exert from the forum below.

"...Try changing from the Windows 7 IEEE1394 stack to the legacy one. Do this by going to Device Manager, then right click your 1394 bus host controller, choose update driver. Click "browse my computer", "then let me pick from a list" and choose 1394 (Legacy). Then reboot. See how that goes... "

I trust this will be able to help some people.


Comments for
Canon Camcorder & Windows 7 Connectivity Issues - firewire problems

Firewire? What's that Greg?

Only joking ;-)

I've been using a solid state memory camcorder for about 6 months now, and love the instant transfer speeds to my computer.

Many thanks for that information though Greg. I'm sure it will benefit other visitors.


Mr Video :-)

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