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Canon HF M301 Camcorder

by Elizabeth Thummel
(Boise, ID)

I am interested in knowing your review of the Canon HF M301 camcorder kit, available from Costco for $299 after a rebate of $50. Seems to be a great price. I looked up specs on it at the Canon site,


It appears to have the features that you recommend, including a Microphone Terminal: 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack. Can it be used with the Rode VideoMic that you have recommended, i.e., does it have the required shoe to attach it? I would be recording videos of how to do crafts using a tripod. Could this camcorder be used with a wireless mic?

The audio info from the Canon site says,

'...The sound is captured from all directions (five different pickup sensors) so your home movies will look and sound more lifelike than ever before. The built-in Microphone terminal with manual audio level control and Headphone terminal also provides exceptional audio flexibility.

* Optional SM-V1 5.1-Channel Surround Microphone is required...'

If it says it is 'optional,' why does it say it is 'required?'

It is not available at Amazon.

Thanks for any input!


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Canon HF M301 Camcorder

Now you can buy this camera at Amazon

Mr Video :-)


See my post on using Camcorders as web cams

Camcorders are not good webcams.

In general, you cannot use a camcorder that records to memory as a webcam. However, see this link on some resources to try to use a camcorder as a web cam Camcorders as webcams

I am interested in streaming live video to the Internet. Is the Canon HF M301 Camcorder able to do this? I have searched all through the manual, and while they have hardware and software to interface with a computer, here is no indication that the camera viewed video is available at the computer in real time.

Thanks, Don

I appreciate your quick response!

Your site is great, and the accessibility in being able to e-mail you questions is much appreciated, as the whole matter of DIY videography is a complex issue and an important one for any online entrepreneur. You've addressed several items that I have been wondering about concerning DIY videography, on your site.

Thanks again,


Hi Elizabeth

Canon makes some nice camcorders and while I personally have not used this one, it looks like it has all of the requirements that I would want. I like the remote wireless controller if you are going to be shooting yourself in the video.

Canon offers a directional mic with this model. The Rodeo mic should work as well. Good luck!

:-) Paul

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