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Can't capture video using moviemaker and windows 7

by Lee
(Manchester, UK)


I have 2 miniDV cameras a pansonic and a jvc. Both are recognised by windows 7 albeit it takes a while to get picked up when plugged in. They show up in devices and printers.

Then the capture window opens giving me a couple of choices for uploading the video. When I press either option that is where it ends. nothing seems to happen and from plugging in the camera to trying to upload my computer seems to slow down.

Finally if I leave the camera plugged in to the firewire cable for 15 minutes my computer shuts its self down occasionally.

I know a right mixed bag of problems here :-)

I have MM2.6 and window live movie maker on my computer. I believe the video capture wizard installed with windows live photo gallery is the default way to capture videos when using windows 7.

However the windows live capture wizard is not one of the choices that is made available.

I don't expect you can give a definitive answer to all these problems. I thought maybe you can give me some pointers on what I could try.

All the best


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Can't capture video using moviemaker and windows 7

The first piece of advice I would give you Lee is to buy Sony Movie Studio 10 video editing software, as it is 10X better and more stable than Movie Maker.

You can capture video directly from MovieMaker Live by selecting the 'import from device' option.

Your camcorder sounds like it's powering down after a set time, although it shouldn't do when connected to a computer via firewire (Always make sure your camcorder is connected to the mains when connected to the computer, as the last thing you want to happen is running out of power in the middle of a transfer).

Transferring video to a computer via firewire should be pretty foolproof to be honest, and any problems you have are going to be software compatibility issues.

I recommend ignoring the pop-up window when you connect the camcorder to your computer and capturing the video directly from MovieMaker.

Let me know how you get on?

Mr Video :-)

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