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Cheap Camcorders - Best Online Deals

Cheap camcorders - Best online deals

If you've ever looked for cheap camcorders online, you'll know how time consuming the process is.

You do the usual searches, find some good deals, but how do you know if the seller is reputable or not? There are a lot of scammers online who operate 'bait and switch' tactics (You buy the camcorder at a low price, but then find you need to pay more for the battery and charger when an aggressive sales person contacts you) or you may just pay your money and never see the camcorder.

The general rule is if the price is too good to be true, then it normally is.

But there are some great cheap camcorders to be found online using reputable retailers, if you know where to look. Their deals are constantly changing and sometimes involves limited offer rebate coupons, end-of-line models and refurbished units from the manufacturer with full warranties.

But whose got the time to spend all day searching for these special deals right? Wouldn't it make your life easier if you could go to one place that does all the hard work for you, putting all the best juicy offers together for you to choose from?

Of course it would, and that's why I have created this page for you.

But I'm not just finding any old camcorder for you here, so I can earn a few dollars in commission like most sites. I'm finding the lowest priced camcorders that are also great camcorders that pass my personal seal of approval.

Just being cheap isn't good enough. You need a camcorder that produces great video and audio, so every camcorder recommended on this page will have the essential port for an external microphone. And I'll also try to keep the price below $500.

Scroll down the page to see what camcorder bargains I have found for you this week. *PLEASE NOTE* These special deals normally have limited stock or availability, so don't delay if you want to grab one now.

Sanyo VPC-HD2000A HD
Best Price-See Below
Canon Vixia HF200 HD
Best Price-See Below
Canon HDC
Best Price - see below
Kodak PlayTouch HD
Best Price-See Below

If you have a bigger budget, and looking for the very best video quality, here are my current top camcorder recommendations for 2011...

Sale Camcorders

Here are camcorders on sale: Camcorders over 50% off. Make sure you click on the camcorder link to the left after you go to the sales page.

If you have any video related questions, please click HERE to ask Mr Video!

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