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Cheap DVD Duplication

12 Easy Steps To Using Kunaki

Use Kunaki for DVD duplication.

If you're looking for cheap DVD duplication, then you must check out Kunaki.

Kunaki will duplicate, print (DVD, case & insert), add a bar-code, shrink-wrap, pack and ship your DVD or CD from $1 each with no minimum order!!

To good to be true? Most times I would agree with you, but not on this occasion. Kunaki is the real deal when it comes to cheap DVD duplication. I have used them now for a couple of years and they have duplicated, printed and shipped thousands of DVDs for me.

Here's my 12 easy steps for cheap DVD duplication (DVD or CD duplicated, printed and shipped from only $1 each with no minimum order) using Kunaki;

Click HERE to view the PDF version of this tutorial with screen-capture examples of each step.

[STEP 1] Click HERE to go to the Kunaki website and select the 'New Customer' tab to start using their cheap DVD duplication service.

By all means have a little explore first if you wish, and click on the 'Prices', 'Gallery' and 'Frequently Asked Questions' tabs.

[STEP 2] Download the free 'CD/DVD publishing software' to your computer, install and open the application.

[STEP 3] Read the guidelines and click on the green button to continue.

WARNING: When you want to upload to Kunaki do NOT use a wireless network connection!

[STEP 4] To upload a DVD to Kunaki, select the 'video' option and 'yes' to add an UPC bar code (Do it even if you don't intend to sell to Amazon, as it looks professional). Then enter as many details as possible, but you MUST complete the 'title' and 'studio' section to continue.

When you're done, click on the green arrow to continue.

[STEP 5] Now it's time to upload the artwork for your disc, DVD case and insert. You can do this yourself using a graphics program like Photoshop (See left) or get a graphic designer to do it for you for about $150 at www.elance.com

I would strongly recommend adding an insert, as it allows you to advertise other products you have for sale or simply to give more information on the DVD itself. Kunaki do not charge extra for it, so you should make full use of it.

Your artworks resolution needs to be at 300 DPI and made to the following dimensions;

DVD Disc Print Dimensions

  • width: 1394 pixels
  • Height: 1394 pixels

Note: for disc images use a square image rather than a circular, masked image.

DVD Case/Insert Print Dimensions

  • cover width: 3236 pixels
  • cover height: 2173 pixels
  • spine width: 165 pixels
  • insert width: 1500 pixels
  • insert height: 2175 pixels
  • tray card height: 1385 pixels
  • spine width: 74 pixels

To upload your artwork, simply select 'custom design' and 'DVD' for 'disc' and 'case'. Then 'browse' and select the image for your disc, case cover and insert. As you select each image, it will appear on the DVD case for your approval.

You can open the case to view the disc and insert design or rotate the case to see the back and spine designs as well. Click the green button when you're ready to move on.

The preview image is rendered for online use, so it does not reflect the true quality of the actual printed product. You may also find some colors may vary slightly from the preview to the actual printed product.

If the exact color is crucial to you, then make sure you purchase a test copy from Kunaki before ordering thousands to avoid disappointment ;-)

Kunaki generates a bar-code for you automatically in the lower right-hand corner of the back cover, so make sure you leave a space for it there (see PDF for location).

[STEP 6] Next, we are going to select the DVD that you want to upload to Kunaki to be duplicated. Simply select the DVD drive where your DVD is located, check the 'AUDIO_TS' and 'VIDEO_TS' files for your DVD are listed and click on the green button to continue.

[STEP 7] Now it's time to save all these settings you have just made. Click the 'save as' button and save the Kunaki .exe file to your computer. Make sure you remember where you put it, because this is what you will open to restart the upload to Kunaki if it fails for whatever reason.

Just for the record, I have never had the upload fail due to any error on Kunaki's part. The couple of times I've needed to restart the upload process were due to my computer being switched off. If this happens to you, just double-click on the .exe file you just saved, and the process will automatically restart from exactly the same point you left. No need to begin all over again.

Click on the green button when you're ready to continue.

[STEP 8] You're now ready to review your product ready for upload. Click on the 'launch your product' button to continue.

[STEP 9] Review your graphics and DVD description one more time. When you're happy, click on the 'publish' button.

[STEP 10] Fill in all your details in the space provided to become a new Kunaki Publisher and click on the 'publish' button.

[STEP 11] Kunaki begins the upload process. The amount of time this takes varies on several factors.

Internet Access Speed: You will need a Broadband connection to do this and don't try to do it using a wireless connection.

Location: US residents will upload faster than users from other countries, as Kunaki are based in New York.

Video File Size: Bigger files take longer to upload. A 1-hour DVD can take up to 36 hours to upload, so be prepared for that.

Kunaki shows your status, bytes sent, time left, percent done and transfer speed.

[STEP 12] Once your DVD has been uploaded, you can access your product page. The very first time you use Kunaki for cheap DVD duplication, you are entitled to a free copy for your appraisal. To do this, just click on the 'Request Your Preview Copy' button and follow the instructions.

To order your DVD, simply click on the 'Order your product for $1/unit' button and go through to the sales page. When you have more than one product stored at Kunaki, you can also order multiple titles to be sent to you or your customer. This is particularly useful when you have a 2-disc set product.

Just imagine the profit potential using this cheap DVD duplication service when you sell a two DVD set for $75 and you only pay $4? Nice!

If you would like Kunaki to create a sales page for your product and take the orders for you, then enter a sales price in the 'Retail price' box, select 'Enable service' and click 'Apply' and 'Accounting'. A new sales page URL will appear, which you can use to direct your customers to.

Kunaki takes the payment for all orders made and each month send you the full amount minus $1 per unit (cheap DVD duplication/printing costs). You can be paid either by check or Paypal.

Once you or your customer has entered the required quantity and country you're from, you come to the secure credit card processing page. You can select the shipping option of your choice, enter your shipping, credit card and shipping address details and make the payment by clicking on the 'Check Out' button.

Kunaki will then send you to a confirmation page. They also send confirmation to the email address you entered, so if you are placing orders for customers, make sure it is your email address.

Kunaki may offer very cheap DVD duplication, but they do not deal with any returns or cancel orders once made, so double check all your details before ordering.

I suggest you put 'return' information on your insert. Faulty DVD's are rare. I average about one every thousand DVD's ordered. Not a bad record. Kunaki always sends a free replacement or credit your account immediately without question.

I hope this 'Cheap DVD Duplication' tutorial has been of some help to you and it encourages you to make more DVDs and CDs to sell, as this excellent and cheap DVD duplication service from Kunaki has never made it so easy and profitable ;-)

Click HERE to view the PDF version of this 'Cheap DVD Duplication' tutorial with screen-capture examples of each step.

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Want to see how Kunaki DVD duplication works? Click on the Animated Backgrounds DVD in the right hand column and order a DVD from Kunaki made exactly through these steps.

If you have any video questions, please click HERE to ask Mr Video!

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