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Encoder problems with FLV encoder

Hi Paul,

I used the free video encoder on your site, but for some reason it is not working. I followed the steps. I have a flip mino camera that I used to make a short video that I want to put on my home page. It is saved on my desktop. When I go through the steps, it says it is encoding, but then it does not go through and does not save it. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? I just want to have a video on my home page that encourages people to sign up for my newsletter.


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Encoder problems with FLV encoder

Hi Pete,

Thanks for the information on the new Encoder! I will give it a try.


Use this encoder instead

Free FLV Encoder Downloaddownload the free FLV Encoder software (PC only. Anyone know of a good free FLV Encoder for Mac?). Untick the 'Install Toolbar' options when prompted. Encode your video to FLV using the following settings: [a] If your original video is NOT High Definition (HD) or wide-screen, then select the 'High Quality FLV' option. If your video is High Definition (HD) or wide-screen, select the 'High Defintion FLV' option and then click on the 'Wand' button. Edit the settings to match the image below. You can play around with the settings, but remember the larger the bit rate and video size, the larger the video file size will be, and more likely to 'pause' or 'buffer' when embedded on your website. The software will create a bunch of files, but you only need the .FLV video file (You can delete the rest).

Hi Giselle,

If you get a failure message, it simply means the video file you are trying to encode isn't compatible with the Riva software. You will need to try another video format or buy the Flix Standard encoding software. Riva Encoder currently supports some (but NOT all) of the following video formats: MPEG, AVI, QuickTime or WMV (NOT the latest version WMV9).

NOTE: Riva Encoder is a PC only software and also doesn't support WMV9 (The latest video format created by MovieMaker). If you have a MAC or use MovieMaker to make your videos, you will need to purchase a FLV Encoder. I recommend the On2 Flix Standard FLV Encoder for PC & MAC

Good luck


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