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HD Video camera using SD Card?

by Lee
(Manchester UK)

Hi Pete

I'm about to buy a new camcorder and have seen the new HD models.

They also say they are SD compatible as in I think you can use SD memory cards in them.

If you use an SD memory card in a HD camcorder. Does that mean your video is rendered in SD when you download to your computer.

Also my computer has 2Gb of ram with a dual core processor. I know you recommend a quad core processor and 4Gb of ram. Is this for SD videos or only if you are downloading HD videos.

Finally you say I will need a 1Gb videocard installed on my computer. I have a new computer running windows 7. Will it have a video card or is this something I need to get and install ?

Thanks for you help.



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HD Video camera using SD Card?

Hi Lee,

The latest HD camcorders record to either SDHC memory card or an in-built Hard Disk Drive (HDD) or both.

When it comes to memory cards, SD stands for Secure Digital (SD) and not Standard Definition. Camcorders that record to memory sticks mainly use the SDHC format (I recommend you get a Class 4 or above version for HD video).

So you can record HD or SD video onto them, as they are purely a storage medium.

You will find HD video will 'stutter' during editing with a dual core 2GB system, and take quite a while to render. Upgrade to as much RAM as your system allows. Your system will be fine for Standard Definition (SD) video.

Most computers used shared graphics, but a basic 1Gb video card costs less than $50. Make sure you have a spare AGP, PCI or PCI Express slot in your computer before purchasing.

Mr Video :-)

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