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Help with video taping and broadcasting

by Walker
(San Diego, CA USA)

Hi Mr. Video. I teach acting and am trying to video individuals and have other in the class see the individual on a big monitor (or two). How can I video tape one person's audition while other's watch what that individual looks like on camera. Also, I have to transport the monitor to the class each week.

So, do you suggest buying just a monitor and hooking the video camera up to it?

Thank you!

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Help with video taping and broadcasting

Hi Walker

Yes, the most straightforward solution is to buy a monitor and connect your video camera to it. Some additional suggestions would be to make sure you use a tripod and a lavalier (lapel) mic so that the sound is clear.

If you have the money an easier solution then hauling a large monitor might be to invest into an overhead projector. Most have input ports that allow you to connect your video camera directly to - check what your camera requires. Since most projectors are under 5 lbs you'll save your back and be less likely to damage it during transport to class. Here's one:

Paul :-)

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