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How to do a live webinar?

Hi Mr Video,

We are really enjoying your 7 day course so far. We too are SBIers. I am scheduled to deliver a one hour teleconference to my list but have now decided I would rather do a webinar (perhaps like zoho) or live tv perhaps like ustream.

The main point is I want to be able to share slides, maybe a few pics or short video (I don't have to be live on the screen). Most importantly, I want to be able to have the sound through the computer. I don't want to be glued to a phone or have my participants glued to a phone for my seminar (although they likely will have to phone in to connect).

I know nothing about these medias. Have you used webinars or live tv to deliver seminars? What would you recommend to be the most cost efficient, easiest to use and professional enough quality?

If this is not your area any ideas how I could find the best way to deliver my seminar (other than being lost researching the net for days as i have done so far?)

Thought I'd ask you as you are so very knowledgeable.


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How to do a live webinar?

Hi Teresa,

You have a couple of solutions open to you.

For a live webinar experience, I recommend using a free service like UStream or Justin.TV.

I have used both, but prefer Ustream.

If you want to share images or video, then why not consider creating a series of training videos that your members can view, and then contact you if they have any questions through email or Skype?

Hope that helps?


Mr Video :-)

Update: There are a number of free and paid services that do an excellent job now for puttin on webinars. Gotomeeting.com, anymeeting.com and my favorite - meetingburner.com. Some are paid, some have free 30 day trials.

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