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How to go about putting my 7 Instructional Training videos on my web site?

by Carolina
(australia, sydney, nsw)

I have 7 Work at home Moms Guide Video Trainings to do to place on my SBI website (www.happier-work-at-home-moms.com) under Steps to Success page.

Now how can I go about this? should I just shoot it with my flipcamera and use your free editing video software recommended on this site to improve resolution as I was told the videos would be too big and slow down my site? (or use SBITUBE, not sure which would be best)

Part of my videos are personal development focused so would have a real person speaking (for first 3 videos only) with a nice background required and a bumper add to introduce. Should I get the background clips for this part offered on your site?

The rest of the videos will use screen capture from my laptop. Should i get Camstasia for this as recommended on your site? Would this software walk me through process or is there a how to do resource you can direct me to as I am all new to this.

Thank you,

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How to go about putting my 7 Instructional Training videos on my web site?

Thank you for your direct response and giving me the precise answer considering i am new to all of this.

You have given me the how to and directed me precisely where others would only beat around the bush and just jump from option to option and no really answering my question.

thank you so much i now know what to do exactly.


Hi Carolina,

First, I would go to Add video to your website and study that page. It will provide you with how to add the 7 videos to your website

First, if you already have a Flip camera, just be aware that you must be pretty close to the camera to get good audio. Flips do not have an external mic. If you are buying a camera check out the Kodak Zi8 at the buying a camcorder link.

Yes, Camtasia is a good software program for making video with screen capture.

Once you shoot the video, you can use one of the free software video editing programs like iMovie or MovieMaker. Use these programs to render your video. For web video I recommend exporting or 'rendering' your finished videos as WMV 640 X 480 3Mbps 22000mhz 16bit mono. Watch the MovieMaker tutorial on this website.

Make sure you videos are only 5-10 minutes long - otherwise they will load slowly and your viewers will lose interest.

Finally, you will need to host your videos somewhere. SBI allows you very limited storage capability and 7 videos will exceed it. SBITUBE is the ideal solution and is easy to use. A free 30 day trial is available.

Me Video :-)

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