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How To Burn A DVD Video Tutorial

Copying a DVD

In the How To Burn A DVD video tutorial below, you will learn how to burn your DVD to a blank disc, so that you can share it with your family and friends, watch it on TV or even make some money by selling it on Ebay.

Burning your DVD is a simple process (As long as you know what you're doing!), but the rendering process can take a long time to complete depending on the length of your video and/or the speed of your computer. I recommend you never use your computer for anything when you render video, or you could be there all day!

Either have a spare computer available for other work, or go on a 'render' walk whilst the process takes place (Who says working on a computer doesn't keep you fit!).

This video tutorial is part three of a three part series showing you how to make a DVD with a DVD menu. Click HERE to view the other video tutorials in this series.

To watch the video tutorial, simply click the white triangle on the image below. Don't forget to turn your speakers on ;-)

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If the video keeps pausing or 'buffering', your computer and/or Internet connection is running a little slow. Simply hit the 'pause' button and let the video load before playing (See the loading bar below the video).

If you cannot see the video above at all, you probably need to download the latest free version of the Adobe Flash Player by clicking HERE!

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