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How To Make A DVD In 5 Easy Steps

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Follow our 5 easy steps to learn how to make a DVD

If you want to learn how to make a DVD, just like the ones you buy from the stores (with a DVD menu and everything!), then follow my 5 easy steps below.

Creating and selling your own DVD on your website or on Amazon, can be one of the most profitable products you have ever sold. With a profit potential of up to 2200% (that is NOT a misprint!), you can see why learning how to make a DVD is a valuable skill to master.

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In this tutorial I will show you how to make a DVD by inserting DVD menu markers, rendering your video using the right video format, importing it into your DVD Authoring program (I will be using Sony DVD Architect for this tutorial. DVD Architect is included free with Sony Movie Studio and Sony Vegas video editing software), where we will create the DVD menu and burn the DVD.

Here are my 5 easy steps to learning how to make a DVD ;

STEP 1: Adding Markers. Before you make your DVD, you MUST make sure your video is prepared and ready for making or 'authoring' your DVD. You cannot make a DVD menu screen unless you have added and titled 'Markers' for each chapter of your video on the editing software timeline (see video below).

I recommend you keep your video chapters short. No longer than ten minutes (five is better!) or you will lose your viewers attention.


STEP 2: Rendering Your Video. When you make a DVD, you must first render, or convert, your video from Sony Vegas or Movie Studio into a video format compatible with Sony DVD Architect.

Now while Sony DVD Architect can accept a wide range of video formats, you will get the best video quality using the AVI video format.

To render your video in Sony Vegas or Movie Studio to AVI, do the following (See image below);

- Select 'File' and 'render as'

- Choose the 'video for windows (*.avi)' file type and NTSC DV template (or PAL DV template if your DVD is for the UK, Aus & NZ market).

- Make sure you check the 'save project markers in media file' check-box.

- Select the folder on your computer where you want to save the video to.

- Click on the 'Save' button.

Sony Vegas and/or Sony Movie Studio render settings for making a DVD in Sony Architect. AVI video files are uncompressed, so they can be HUGE (18GB for 1 hour video), so make sure you have the available disk space before you start and expect to wait anything from 30 mins to several hours for the rendering to complete, depending on how fast your computer is.

I also recommend not using your computer for anything else during the rendering process or it could take forever. Either use another computer for any other work you need to do, or take the dog for a walk ;-)

STEP 3: Building The DVD Menu. When your video has rendered, you need to import it into Sony Architect and build the DVD menu (you can watch me build a DVD menu in the video tutorial below)

- Select a background for the DVD menu. You can easily make one yourself using a graphics package like Photoshop, or just use one of the themes provided by Architect for ease.

- Add some royalty-free music (Click HERE to learn more about using royalty-free music).

- Add your video

- Create buttons

It will normally take you about an hour or two to complete a DVD menu for your first time, depending on how long you spend playing with the buttons, background and music. Once you've done it a few times, a simple DVD menu can take you minutes to create.

You can add all sorts of flashy things to a DVD menu using DVD Architect, including animated backgrounds, buttons etc., and make it as complex as you like, but I recommend you keep it simple and easy for your viewer to watch your video.

After all, that's what they bought your DVD for isn't it?

DVD Architect has a 'Preview' button and I strongly suggest you use it before you burn your DVD. Test and check every button and link to make sure it works the way you want it.

It could save you a lot of time and money, so test, test, and test again....and then test it one more time for good luck!


STEP 4: Preparing The Video Files. Make sure you give your DVD file the same name of the title of your DVD when you burn the DVD, as this will show up when it is played.

STEP 5: Burning Your DVD. This is the final stage of learning how to make a DVD. When you have burned your DVD, the chances are you are sick to death of looking at yourself, and the last thing you'll want to do is watch the DVD again, but that is exactly what you have to do ;-)

This is your last chance to spot any errors or mistakes before it is duplicated, printed and shipped to your customers. You don't want them all returning the DVDs to you because you failed to spot the 'Play' button doesn't work!


Now you know how to make a DVD, the sky's the limit! With practise, you can easily produce a best-selling DVD in less than 30 days from conception to market.

If you have any video questions, please click HERE to ask Mr Video!

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