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Kid-friendly green screen video software?

Hi there,

My 9 year old wants a green screen for Christmas, so that she can make videos with it. What do you recommend that is easy for her to use?


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Kid-friendly green screen video software?

I was just at a teacher's technology conference and one of the presenters showed us how to make a green screen with material she bought at Walmart and PVC pipe from Lowes. She used Windows Movie Maker (but she also uses iMovie with her Mac) to create the video. In Movie Maker you import your photo for the finished background and then drag and drop your video on it. A window pops up with about 10 different choices to select. There's one that says something about a green screen. Choose that one.

Hi Kristen,

Creating great looking green screen or Chromakey is never going to be easy I'm afraid, as there are so many factors to consider, but if you're not after Hollywood quality effects, then the simplest set up would be a 'pop-up' green screen, three 'daylight' bulbs and Sony Movie Studio.

You need good light for green screen work, and you need several sources as the screen itself should be well lit and separate from the subject.

Using 'daylight' bulbs and placing them in floor lamps or desk lamps does the job and doesn't cost a fortune.

Sony Movie Studio is great for creating green screen, as it makes the whole process very easy. Click on the 'Editing Software' link on the left for more details.

I will make a video this week showing you how to use the Chromakey feature in Sony Movie Studio and add it to the video tutorials section.

Hope that helps?

Mr Video :-)

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