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Kunaki Artwork Specs

by Scott Deardorff

Hopefully a simple question. On Kunaki's FAQ page, they say to upload your artwork images as 16-bit BMP or JPEG. There doesn't seem to be anyway to produce a 16-bit JPEG or BMP in Photoshop. Those choices are not given when in the save-as dialog box for a 16-bit image.

They also say in the FAQ that you can upload 8-bit images, but they "will not look very good."

Is there a way to get a 16-bit JPEG or BMP? What do you recommend. Thanks! Scott

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Kunaki Artwork Specs

Save it in Photoshop as a JPG with the highest quality setting (12), and it will be fine.

Mr Video :-)


Kunaki's software doesn't recognize my tiff files. Back to square one. Any recommendations?

I was just wondering why Kunaki doesn't mention using .tif format on their website. They specify either jpeg or .bmp, but thank for the info!

Hi Scott,

As long as you create your artwork to the right size settings specified by Kunaki, and then save it in Photoshop as a JPG with the highest quality setting (12), it will be fine.

Personally, I save and upload my images to Kunaki as an uncompressed .TIFF which creates a HUGE file, but very high quality.

Hope that helps, and best of luck.

Mr Video :-)

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