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Microphone for making video for youtube and website

by Lillianne Bowersock
(Ona, WV USA)

We have a headphone set we bought to use with skype. Should I try to use it with our camcorder if all I am shooting is my husband drawing. It will be mostly up close shots. Also, can you direct me to information about how to do voiceover or narration instead of trying to record what my husband is saying as he draws. Thank you. Lilliane.

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Microphone for making video for youtube and website

Hi Lilliane,

I guess you mean using the microphone to record narration during the editing process, as most headphone mics have an USB connection and therefore can't be used with a camcorder?

My top tip for recording narration or voice-overs is to have a script in front of you. Do not try to ad lib, as it rarely works.

Watch and edit the video, and then write a voice-over script. Record one section at a time, add it to the video in your editing program, and watch it back.

When you're happy with it, move onto the next segment, and so on.

Make sure the microphone is not directly in front of your mouth, or you will get the dreaded 'popping' sound when you say words that start with a P, B etc.

Place it just below your mouth for best pick-up, but without the pops.

I recommend using the free and excellent Audacity program for recording your audio. You can find it at http://audacity.sourceforge.net

Best of luck.

Mr Video :-)

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