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My First Attempt At Using A Green Screen Chromakey

by Greg
(Auckland, New Zealand)

Hi Pete,

I'm posting this note to thank you for the information about setting up a studio for Green Screen. Your website provided me with useful information whilst I was researching setting up a Home Studio for video production with Green Screen.

You can see an example the first video produced, on this page www.bagpipe-tutorials.com/mull-of-kintyre.html. I filmed and produced this yesterday afternoon.

I don't think I have the color balance thingy right as Bill appears to be a bit "blue" in color. I will use another background when I get time to design one in Photoshop. Maybe it is because of my White Balance. I can't work out how to use it on my Cannon HV30.

I am still working on my lighting. I shot this video using 4 * 23 wat fluorescent day light bulbs I purchased from the home depot. Two lights where used to illuminate Bill and two lights for the Green Screen

So far my Green Screen (NZ$130) and light setup have cost me about NZ$200 and I expect to spend NZ$200 and the studio will be complete.

Comments for
My First Attempt At Using A Green Screen Chromakey

Hi Pete,

The black background is temporary. I am in the process of designing a background to use. Just need a few days to think it through.


Looks good to me Greg. Well done.

One thing I would say is if you only plan on using a black or plain background, I would personally recommend you forego all the technical difficulties associated with Green Screen or Chromakey, and just use a black cloth as a backdrop.

It would make your life a lot easier and the effect would be just as good.

The video looks great though.

Pete (Mr Video)

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