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Producing videos for DVDs

by Michael
(Tulsa, OK)

I have a question for you concerning cameras such as the Cannon Vixia HF200; do these types of cameras produce high enough quality videos to look professional in a DVD format. Let me frame this question in context, what I am hoping to do is shoot fishing videos to post on the internet with the goal of eventually being sponsored by a sporting goods company. However I would very much like to be able to use the video footage I obtain along the way for video clips that would be able to be used in a DVD medium. Any ideas or help you could provide including informational resources I could employ would be greatly appreciated. Michael.

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Producing videos for DVDs

It's a simple question Michael, but unfortunately, the answer is not as straight forward, as the quality of the video produced is not just due to the camcorder, but many other factors, such as lighting, audio, editing, rendering, DVD authoring etc.

An experienced videographer can make a much better quality DVD using a $300 camcorder than someone else who is less experienced using a $3000 camcorder.

If you plan to shoot these videos for DVD yourself (Especially if you plan to be picked up by bigger corporations, who demand high quality), you need to consider doing some video training first.

There is plenty of information on this site to get you started, and you may want to consider purchasing the bill Myers DVD 'Producing How-To DVDs For Profit' at www.howtovideobusiness.com, which is a great introduction to this business (As recommended by Ken Evoy).

If you want the best video quality for producing DVDs, then you'll need to get a HD (High Definition) camcorder with a mic input port and manual controls. The camcorders I would currently recommend are the Canon HF S100, Canon HF S10, and the Panasonic HDC-TM300 (See 'Cheap Camcorders' to the left).

All are excellent cameras under $1000. You will also need a good external 'shotgun' mic (See 'Microphones' page to the left for details), good editing software (See 'Editing Software' to the left).

You won't need lighting if shooting outdoors, but that brings it's own problems, such as wind noise, dampness and unpredictable lighting. I recommend you get a 'wind muff' for your shotgun mic to cut out wind noise. You might even require a waterproof housing if shooting near water all the time, as water and camcorders do not mix well ;-)

Using the equipment above will give you excellent results on DVD (You could even make a Blu-Ray disc if you wanted, but I'd stick with DVD for now).

Hope that helps?

Mr Video :-)


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