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Production Terminology

by Dana Cole
(Stillwater, OK, USA)

The terms "SOT" and "VO" are used a lot in our production house, but I don't think the folks who use them know what they mean. For example, when the EP says SOT, he is talking about and intercut video "sound bite" (Not very accurate either). I always thought SOT stood for Sound on Tape. Or if he says VO, he is talking about what I used to call a cutaway, although most people call it B-roll now, even though that is no longer applicable with NLE. Way back when I learned VO it meant voice-over, the boss seems to think it means "video-over" I guess. Who is right? What is the "official" definition of these terms?

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Production Terminology

I always thought VO and SOT stood for Voiceover and Sound On Tape Dana.

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