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Rendering Video With Sony Vegas

by Greg

Hi Peter,

How are you doing?

I have been trying for some time to get this right and I can't.

The DVD we sell from our site contains videos with .mov file extension. The videos were taken using and old camcorder with an aspect ratio 640 X 480. The DVD probably contain some 30 to 40 video clips with of up to 2 minutes duration. We chose .mov extension so that we could play them on an IBM and Mac computer.

We bought a Cannon HV 30 camcorder which has an aspect ratio of 1440 X 1080 and it shoots great quality HD video. However I am battling to render them into a smaller "size" video.

We need to redo all our videos and the HD format will fill the DVD in no time leaving no capacity for the remaining video and audio files.

Do you have any suggestions as to how I can render to a "smaller" file format which is compatible with both IBM and Mac computers and what the settings should be when a render using Sony Vegas.

If I do the maths a 1440 X 1080 aspect ratio is the same aspect ratio as 500 X 375. I would like the width to be about 500(Don't quote me on this, the only reason I went to school was to eat my sandwiches my mother made). However when I render to 500 X 375, the video comes out elongated.

Any comments or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.



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Rendering Video With Sony Vegas

Hi Peter,

I spent 4 hours today fiddling and have answered all my questions that I asked you. I worked out an aspect ratio and process that suites my situation perfectly - no more hastles.

Thanks for the help.

Hi Pete,

Thanks for the reply. I need to clarify 2 things. Firstly. Before I knew Bill he had self recorded the videos himself and his little camcorders default setting for video format was .MOV. So that means most of his video is recorded as a MOV video format. We ask people to download Quicktime to view the videos on PC's.

Secondly. Bills tutorials are PDF documents with links to video or audio files. He uses these audio or video file to give clarity to or to demonstrate an aspect he is explaining in his text.

To summarize then we don't need to use Sony Architect as all we are doing copy his PDF, Video and Audio onto the DVD. etc.

You have a point though, about Mac/PC video formats. I think in 3 years we have sold 3 DVD's that I know of that where used on a MAC.

Bill is 81 years old now and to go and re-shoot hours of video and render it to PC format would be a major undertaking for him. His fingers are not as quick and dexterous as they used to be.

Take care and have great day.


.MOV is an unusual video format choice Greg, as it may be compatible with a Mac, but it isn't with PC users (Which make up the bulk of computer users).

I'm also not sure why you are not simply creating a regular DVD using Sont Vegas and Sony Architect that your customers can watch on their TV and computer (Both PC & Mac)?

Here's what I do when I make a DVD;

[1] Capture my HD footage to my computer and open it in Sony Vegas

[2] Edit the video, creating chapter graphics and insert markers at the start of each chapter for when I make the DVD menu later.

[3] Render the finished video to the 'Video For Windows .AVI' > 'NTSC DV Widescreen' setting in Vegas (You can use the 'PAL DV Widescreen' setting if that is appropriate for your market. Personally, I don't bother as the US is my biggest market and 99% of TVs in the UK play NTSC anyway).

[4] I then open Sony Architect, create the DVD menu and burn the DVD as usual.

[5] I have artwork created for the DVD disc, case and insert, and I upload the DVD to Kunaki.

[6] I start promoting and selling the DVD ;-)

Hope that helps.

Pete (Mr Video) :-)


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