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Screen Capture Video Not Playing Video

by Bill Parravano
(Louisville, Kentucky)

Mr. Video,

I have done a screen capture video (15 min long) using camstudio and recorded it per your specs and redered it as an .avi file...

I need to convert it to MP4 format or compatible for streaming off of an Amazon S3 server. I am using Any Video Converter to go from .avi to mp4 format...

The video takes a long time to load and the audio does not play. In the end the mp4 is about 32mb...

I am not really sure if it is a different spec I need to re-render the .avi file as or the file needs to be broken up...

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Bill Parravano

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Screen Capture Video Not Playing Video

Hi Bill,

Very difficult to comment as to what the problem might be without being there I'm afraid. The size isn't the issue, although a bit big for web video.

Camstudio is a bit buggy and I've heard other people have some problems with the audio as well.

I strongly recommend you use www.jing.com for screen-capture video. It is the best free screen-capture software available today and saves as mp4.

The creators, Techsmith (Who also make Camtasia) also offer some free hosting for Jing videos at screencast.com

It's a very stress-free way for adding HQ screen-capture video to your website.

Hope that helps?

Mr Video :-)


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