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Secure, Automated Hosting Option for Camtasia Videos?

Hi Mr. Video!

I'm a fellow SBI'er and I have a question that I can not seem to find the answer to, and didn't know if you could help?

I want to create a paid, online eCourse that my subscribers can take at their own pace (in other words, not a Webinar).

Camtasia or ScreenFlow appear be great options for creating the course for me; I've tried a free trial of Camtasia and it is exactly what I want. But now, how to host it?

My main caveats are: (1) it will be a course that people pay for, so I want it to be secure enough so the average Joe can't share it. I realize the true techies can find their way around anything, but that's not my audience. However, I would like it to be secure enough that someone can't just share a password with a friend and get in.

...and (2) I want it to be automated. So, if someone orders my course in the middle of the night, they immediately get their link and can start the course right away. Or if, God willing, I were to sell 200 courses in a day, I don't have to be home to email the link to each person.

Obviously, it will have to be integrated with PayPal as well, so the system knows that the course has been paid for.

I looked into TechSmith's Screencast hosting solution, but it's not automated; I would have to manually put in email addresses after people have paid for their course. And SBI doesn't seem to have this type of capability.

A great example is e-Junkie; I currently sell an eBook through e-Junkie, and love it. I would love for my course to be sold in the exact same manner, but I don't think they can host a Camtasia video.

Can you help me, pretty-please? I'm desperate for some advice!

Thank you!

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Secure, Automated Hosting Option for Camtasia Videos?

Thank you so much for the helpful advice - this whole web thing has been one big learning process! I will look into Membership sites and the hosts you suggested...

Thanks again - love your site and I will bookmark it for further reference as I continue to add videos to my site!


Hi Serena

I think what you want to do is create a membership section of your website that is password protected. Once a subscriber has ordered the course they receive a password and access to the members only section where the videos are located.

To host your video course you will need to find a video hosting service.

One such service is


Other possibilities are

LibSyn.com -publish and audio or video podcast

Blip.tv - publish audio/ video podcast

Wistia - publish video on the web + tracking

Good luck

Paul :-)

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