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Shooting video in studio in manual focus

I viewed your video tutorial in which you say to use manual focus. I set my camera on manual exposure so what sort of f-stop would I need to make sure a speaker stays in focus. He doesn't move around too much but he might take a step to either side or back and forward.

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Shooting video in studio in manual focus

F-stop is the ratio of the focal point to the aperture (diameter) of the lens. The smaller the f-stop number the more light gets into the lens.

The f-stop is used for two functions:
1 - control the amount of light allowed into the camera
2 - control the depth of field

Depth of field refers to the amount of space in front of and behind the subject that stays in focus. A lower f-stop will create a smaller field depth. This is great if you want the back ground to be blurry. However, its not so great if your subject moves around and your camera is in manual mode.

If you are concerned about the subject going out of focus, use a high f-stop. This means that you will need more studio lighting. Adjust the amount of lighting to get the optimum video lighting on the subject. Remember that you need at least 2 lights to have good video indoors.

Typically, unless the subject is moving quite a bit and you have a very low low f-stop you won't need to worry about using manual focus. Just set and shoot.

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