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Sony Vegas 9 and video transfer

by G Allen
(Kalamazoo, MI)

What I am trying to do is transfer home made VHS tapes to Vegas program.

Original thought was to find fire wire to hook up to computer, and wasn't having much luck with that. So I decided to pick up VHS/DVD recorder, and I transferred the VHS to DVD, but still need to edit it.

I tried to download/copy DVD to computer, but I loose 45 mins to hour before I capture all the footage.

I then picked up Dazzle DVD recorder plus, and trying to figure out how to get Sony program to connect with Pinnacle's Dazzle. Any suggestions?

It there a tutorial book around for Vegas?

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Sony Vegas 9 and video transfer

I have done this endless times. You can download VHS to your computer via Pinnicle/Dazzle. Once you downloaded the file ( do not finalize it), you should be able to open the file in Sony's program. Go to project, then import media. Grab what file you want to edit, and it should come right up. I had a problem figuring out how to download Kodak video, which is a funky MOV file. It all came up on the workspace just fine.

Sounds good, so I'll go ahead and upgrade, and grab a external HD to put the files in.. I'll let you know how it goes.

I think the problem is that Sony Movie Studio 9 does not fully support the MOV video format, and the video/audio sync issue is a common one (Although it normally seems to be with HD MOV to be honest).

Sony have issued a Patch to fix the audio problem (Check their Support site), but I recommend doing what I did and upgrade to Sony Movie Studio HD 10, as all the issues are fixed in this version.

If the MOV video plays fine on the DVD, and not when transferred to Sony Movie Studio 9, then that has to be where the problem lies.

What I would do is download the free trial version of Sony Movie Studio HD 10 and see if that fixes the problem.

I also recommend downloading the Full K-lite video codec page for free at http://www.free-codecs.com/download/k_lite_codec_pack.htm as not having the right video codec on your computer can be another common reason for video editing problems.

Hope that helps?

Mr Video :-)

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Yes, the DVD plays fine, but if I try to capture on all levels in Vegas program, I have a few chapters that I can drag on time line. The first two or three chapters it reads off the disc and compressed from 10-15 mins to 10-15 secs.

I have also had a problem with a chapter being a whole second to second and half off sync between video and audio in Vegas program. This is an occasional hick up.

I'm ready to up grade to next Vegas, but want to make sure I got my ducks in a row. I have several nights of video to put together, and the upgrade has a few time lines to work with, woo-woo! lol.

Oh, PC is HP p6654y. Everything should be up to date, and able to handle the program..

Firstly, I have no experience with the Dazzle product, so cannot comment on that (I'm always wary when a sales guy says to me 'should' work!).

I'm also not 100% sure what you mean when you say you have lost 1 hour from the DVD.

Do you mean that the original MOV plays fine on your computer from the DVD, but when you transfer it to Sony Movie Studio 9, a 1 hour segment is missing?

Can you give me more details on that?

Mr Video?

I had done that, but I loose 45 mins to hour from DVD. I am thinking at this point of finding a way to feed it like VHS in Pinnacle. It has an RCA connection for VHS.
I can't get Vegas to recognize the Dazzle connection. I was told at Best Buy that Dazzle should work with Vegas.

Then it really should just be a case of putting your DVD into your computer, starting a new project in Sony Movie Studio 9, selecting 'Project' and 'Import Media'. Then double-click on the MOV video file on the DVD you want to edit, and it will appear in your project media folder. Drag it to the editing time-line to start editing.

What happens when you do that?

Mr Video :-)

Video format shows as MOV

If you have the video footage on DVD, it really shouldn't be a problem to get it into Sony Movie Studio 9, as transferring from VHS to DVD is the tough part.

Pop your DVD into your computer and start a new project in Sony Movie Studio 9. Then select 'Project' and either' Import Media' or 'Import DVD Camcorder File..'

Select the video file you want to edit from the DVD and import in into Sony Movie Studio 9 and edit as normal.

If you are already doing that and nothing is happening, then Sony Movie Studio 9 doesn't recognise or support the video format on the DVD.

Just out of interest, what is the format of the videos on the DVD? MOV? VOB? AVI?

Mr Video :-)

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