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Using Stock Footage In Your Videos & DVDs

How to Find Royalty Free Video

Stock footage is royalty-free video (and images) that you can use in your video instead of shooting it yourself.

Royalty-free video clip

Lots of professional videographers (Myself included) make some extra money by shooting high quality video on popular topics, themes etc. and sell that 'stock footage' through companies like iStockPhoto.

There are literally millions of royalty-free stock images, video, animation, audio etc. available from these sites, and combined with video backgrounds, graphics and animation, you can see how easy it is to produce short promotional web video ads without even owning a camcorder.

Royalty-free video stock clip

Even low-budget Hollywood Directors use this type of video for scenes and shots in their movie that would be impossible to shoot due to cost.

Imagine how much it would cost to hire a helicopter for example, and film a panning shot of the New York skyline at night from the air?

Probably tens of thousands of dollars. But for less than one hundred bucks, the Director can purchase a similar scene from royalty-free video footage.

Below are some examples of royalty-free stock footage, but you can get a video clip on any topic or theme you want (Click on the triangle below to watch the video).

Hosting & embed code provided by SBITUBE.

You can purchase video clips like this for about $15 per clip, depending on the size and video quality. To give you an example, iStockPhoto currently charges the following;

Small Web 320x180 px @ 30 fps 15.00 MB $15

Big Web 640x360 px @ 30 fps 44.14 MB $25

HD 720 1280x720 px @ 30 fps 150.00 MB $75

HD 1080 1920x1080 px @ 30 fps 373.17 MB $90

(These prices are correct at time of writing and may vary)

Basically, the bigger the video and the higher the quality, the more you will pay.
Stock video footage

You can also buy video footage on DVDs from Ebay, which will have hundreds of royalty-free footage on them and will work out much cheaper per video than iStockVideo.

However, the advantage of using sites like iStockVideo is you can choose the exact video clip you want that is perfect for your video or DVD, rather than making do with one that is 'close enough' from a bundled DVD.

You will be offered a variety of video formats when purchasing stock video clips, but the video format you want to always use is either AVI or MOV.

Royalty-free video footage

Choose AVI first if you have the option, as it provides the best video quality, but MOV is a good substitute if AVI is not available.

You normally purchase your royalty-free video clips, and then download it to your computer. The video clip is then added to your video editing software as normal.

Where To Buy Video Stock Footage


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