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Tripods For Camcorders

Tripods for camcorders

Welcome to our tripods for camcorders resource page, which I hope you will find both helpful and informative.

The camcorder tripod is one of the most essential pieces of kit you need to shoot great looking video. Without a camcorder tripod, your video will be shaky and not much fun to watch.

Tripods for camcorders offer a stable platform from which to shoot your next masterpiece, and will make your video look professional.

Camcorder tripods vary in cost from $10 to $1000+ depending on the features and materials used in the construction, but the most important feature to look for in a camcorder tripod is weight, because the heavier the tripod, the less likely it is to move or fall over when you are shooting (Not much fun if you've just paid $500+ on a new camcorder).

Now obviously there has be a compromise here, as no one wants to injure their back just moving their tripod around the room, but using a very lightweight tripod can result in camera 'shake' and defeats the purpose of having a tripod in the first place.

Essential features for any tripod for camcorders include;

[1] Heavy and sturdy

[2] Fully adjustable legs

[3] Smooth action tripod head with 'pan & tilt' control and extending control lever (See image below)

[4] Bubble levels on the tripod head to ensure your camcorder is level (See image below)

[5] Quick release camcorder mount to attach and remove your camcorder quickly (See image below)

Camcorder tripod features Top Tip - If you are just starting out and have a limited budget, buy a cheap lightweight video camera tripod and then put some books in a bag, and hang it from the center of the tripod. This gives the tripod more weight and stability. You can do this with any camcorder tripod to add more stability to it, and some tripods even have a hook under the head just for this purpose.

You can also get small 'table-top' tripods, but their use is very limited and not really recommended for video work.

When on the move outdoors, lugging a heavy tripod around with you can be a real pain in the butt, so you may consider using a monopod, which is simply a single legged tripod. They offer much more stability that just holding the camcorder in your hands, yet are very lightweight, easily packed and great for shooting videos when you are out and about.

Aluminum is the most common material used in the construction of tripod legs, with the more expensive ones using stronger and heavier materials like titanium alloy. But whatever one you get, the fact is any camcorder tripod is better than none at all.

Below you will find some budget tripods for camcorders and a monopod you can purchase from trusted Internet retailer Amazon that I personally recommend.

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