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Tripod Tutorial

How to Use a Tripod

In this Tripod Tutorial, you will discover the essential features you need to consider if you want to create professional looking video. One of the biggest flaws of amatuer videos is that they picture is not steady. A tripod is critical to achieve a professional video. Further, if you are shooting and producing video by yourself, use of a tripod is the only way to go.

Ebay is a good place to buy tripods for video cameras, and they can cost from $20 to $200 for a good quality professional video tripod.

Buy as heavy a tripod you can afford, because you don't want it shaking and wobbling when you start shooting. Also make sure you have easily adjustable legs, a double spirit-level (to ensure a level shot) and a 'quick-release' head.

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Enjoy the video.

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Below you will find some budget tripods for camcorders and a monopod you can purchase from trusted Internet retailer Amazon that I personally recommend.

Here's the transcript of the video:

The next thing you are going to want after you get your camcorder is a good solid tripod. Now in our studio we use a little bit larger Bogen Tripod but this is a smaller Slik Tripod which does a pretty good job. When looking at tripods, you want something as big, heavy, and sturdy because if you're going to put expensive camcorder sitting on top of it then you want something solid. Don’t get some little bitty tripod that is originally designed for lightweight cameras, get a larger and heavier one. In fact if you look on eBay, you'll find these studio tripods for under $200.

When looking at tripods look at the size of the tubes and make sure it's easy to slide the legs up and down. Look for tripods that have levels on it so that you can have a level on both sides of the tripod. Most importantly look for a tripod that has a removable top, let's see if I can pop this out, that connects to your camcorder so that when you need to move the camcorder out of the tripod, you just remove this and you can carry the camcorder with you.

A moment ago we talked about why not to get a camcorder that has bottom loading film. Well if it does then you have to remove this from the tripod and then you'll have to unscrew this from the camcorder just to change tapes. It's a lot of trouble and not really worth the effort.

Tripod Features

  • Heavy & Sturdy
  • Stable
  • Bubble Levels On Head
  • Removable Camera Mount
  • Smooth Movement

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