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Using Digital Camcorder as a webcam

by Dana
(Indianapolis, IN)

How can I live stream using a Canon Vixia HF S20? Am I missing something simple? Dana

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Using Digital Camcorder as a webcam


See the comments on this page to learn about how to use your camcorder as a webcam Generally, it is cheaper and easier to just buy an inexpensive webcam that is designed for that purpose, but try your camcorder if you like.

Mr Video :-)

Can I use my VIXIA HF S20 as a webcam?

Dana, most camcorders cannot be used as webcams straight out of the box. It's easy to tell if they can, as all you do is connect to your computer and see if the camera is recognized by the webcam software you are using.

But if you want to learn how to use a camcorder as a webcam, there are some tools out there that can convert your camcorder into a webcam.

Check out WebcamDV at www.orangeware.com/endusers/webcamdv.html that runs in conjunction with your webcam software application. It lets your camcorder act like a webcam, and use all it's features, such as zoom, auto focus, stereo sound, auto stabilizing, night vision, high quality optics, and more, depending on your camcorder.

Another program is DVDriver found at www.trackercam.com/TCamWeb/dvdriver.htm It also lets you use your camcorder like it were a regular webcam.

It essentially works by fooling Windows into thinking that your camcorder is just an ordinary USB webcam.

You can use your camcorder with all the webcam software available today. Just load the program, plug your camcorder into your computer, and you're ready to go.

Hope that shows you how to use a camcorder as a webcam?

Mr Video :-)

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