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Video display question

by Mario

I would like a video window be shown within my web page.
When I link to the video clip, the entire screen goes black and then the small box with the video appears.

Is there a way to keep the video within my own screen?


Mario Calderara

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Video display question

Just highlight the script and delete it in your HTML editor or in Blockbuilder if using SBI!. Then add the embed code.

Mr Video :-)

Mr. Video,

and just how do I remove the script? so that I may embed the video on my page.

Thank you for your help.


Hi Mario,

It sounds like you currently are using a 'lightbox' or 'greybox' script to display your videos. These scripts allow you to open your video in a new page the same size of the video and without the usual browsers etc. at the top. It greys out the background, so it looks like a 'pop-up', but in fact it is a new page.

If you want the video to play on the same page as your embed code, then simply remove the 'script' code and use a regular video embed code.

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Mr Video :-)

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