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Video DVD format to upload for Kunaki

by Giselle
(Somers Point, NJ)


I just had two dvd's filmed for me by a video production company. When all was filmed, they gave me a DVD with both of my videos on it for uploading to Kunaki. Something is wrong. When I put the dvd into my computer to upload to Kunaki, all I see are two little icons. both of them cannot be opened and it says that Windows cannot open the files. Unfortunately, I didn't know any better and uploaded the files to Kunaki and when I got my demo back, all I see on the dvds are the same two icons instead of my filmed video. The people who did these videos for me apparently didn't know the format to put these videos into to allow me to upload to Kunaki. Please help, because these guys sure can't. I await your expert advice.


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Video DVD format to upload for Kunaki

Hi Giselle

There could be a few things to check. Hopefully, since you are in the US, the video you purchased is in NTSC format, not PAL (see video terminology for the definitions. The UK and some other countries use PAL and you cannot open DVD's in the wrong form.

The second thing to check is that the DVD was rendered to a file type .AVI though .MOV or .WMV should work. Note that during the rendering process most Video editing software programs give the option to render in PAL or NTSC DV formats - possibly the video producer clicked on the wrong format. If your DVD was made in the US and you cannot open it, I suspect this is what may have happened)

Finally, when you are ready to upload to Kunaki follow the Kunaki upload DVD steps precisely. Don't copy the DVD to your computer first. That only happens in Step 7.

Since you cannot open the DVD on your computer, I don't think that it is anything that Kunaki has done. Better to go back to the people that produced your DVD.


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