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Video editing software for the Kodak Zi8

by Victor

I am looking at the inexpensive Kodak Zi8 to use to create instructional dvds. I understand the value of the external mic as I have used a wireless mic while making training videos on vhs tapes. As you mention in your articles, nothing sounds as non-pro as a camera mounted mic. This appears to do the job there. However, I have looked and looked for specs and reviews as to whether this camcorder will shoot video, transfer the video file to a computer and then you can use conversion softwarem other than the Arcsoft program, to compress to get it put on a dvd. Most of the reviews complain about the Arcsoft software that comes with the camcorder so if you can make sense of my question, maybe you could help me understand how to get the video clip on a dvd. Thanks for any help and I will be rereading all of your tutorials.... they are fantastic Vic Vanesse in Danville IL

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Video editing software for the Kodak Zi8

Hi Victor

Thanks for your kind comments.

Yes, you are right - having an external mic is essential for good quality sound when you are shooting video. Don't even think about making anything but a family video without an external mic, and even then it will be better if you at least have a directional mic.

Not sure you are aware but Kodak has discontinued the zi8 camera. However, it is still available from some people that had extra stock through Amazon, though at a higher price. I'd buy it as soon as possible. Kodak's replacement for the zi8 has been tagged as having poor video quality - not as good as the zi8.

As far as software goes, check out the page on video editing software. I wouldn't use the software Kodak includes. Instead, I'd use one of the one's on my recommended list. You will have much more control of the end product and features to modify the video to your liking. Sony Movie studio is relatively inexpensive. If you are shooting HD upgrade to the Platinum version.

Finally, check out the How to make a DVD tutorial for converting your video file to a DVD.

Good Luck

Mr Video

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