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Hi there,

First of all, I really appreciate your site and have visited often for guidance. I am new to editing - just downloaded Camtasia and started working with it.

I like the interface, but the video preview is choppy and can't handle the HD video I've downloaded from my Kodak Vi8 (which I bought on your recommendation - thanks again!).

What editing software would you recommend that is 1. easy to learn for a beginner and 2. powerful enough to do produce high-quality video presentations and 3. cost effective ($100 range).


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Video Editing Software Recommendation

Hi Rebecca,

The only difference between Sony Movie Studio HD and Sony Movie Studio HD Suite is that Sony Movie Studio HD Suite includes the following;

- Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 with Vocal Eraser tool

- 1,001 Sound Effects

- NewBlueFX Audio and Video Effects

- Tutorial DVD

Pretty good value for only an extra $26, but if these items don't interest you, or if you don't think you'll use them, then just buy the Sony Movie Studio HD version.

Mr Video :-)

What is the difference between the Sony Movie Studio 10 HD and the 10 HD Suite version? Just trying to figure out what I need. Thanks.

Hi David,

If you have a PC, then I recommend you get Sony Movie Studio (Click on the 'Editing Software' link on the left fr more information).

If you have a Mac, then try the iMovie HD version to start with, but move up to Final Cut Pro if you get serious about making videos and DVDs.

Best of luck with your videos.


Mr Video :-)

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