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My interest in making money would be videoing children playing sports,i'm a member of our local ymca,i see a few people with camcorders videoing their kids,i thought this would be a good market to sell dvds to parents,it would not be a how to video,would your wokshop help,what type of equipment would i need for this?

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Video equipment recommendation

Check out the 'Cheap Camcorder' and 'Microphones' links on the left of this page for my current recommendations.

The 'DVD Workshop' focuses on planning, shooting, editing and marketing Instruction, Training or How-To type videos & DVDs in an indoor environment.

Here are my Top #10 Tips for shooting video outdoors. which you may find useful;

1. Always scout shooting locations before you shoot.

2. Be Prepared for all weather conditions.

3. Have an equipment list to check so you don't forget anything.

4. Use a 'shotgun' unidirectional type microphone and a windmuff.

. Always, always shoot video on a tripod or at least a Monopod (One leg).

6. Take a photo camera and shoot still photos as well to add to the video.

7. Shoot lots of 'B' roll and and background video.

8. Take extra batteries for camera and microphone.

9. Take appropriate clothing for hot or cold weather.

10. If making a DVD, shoot all your chapter intros at one time.

Hope that helps?

Mr Video :-)


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