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Video lighting a large area (machinery and conveyor)

by Rob

What lighting would you recommend for lighting a large area such as a portion of a warehouse and trying to video items on conveyors and sortation equipment?

Would several 400W halogen work lamps work if I was able to white balance the camera? Is there a formula for figuring out how much light I need for the size of the area I am trying to shoot?

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Video lighting a large area (machinery and conveyor)

Yeah, I would use several 'builders' halogen lights for a set like this Rob, but try to reflect the light off the walls and ceilings if you can rather than pointing them directly at the subject to avoid glares, hot spots and reflections.

No formula as such, just light the subject equally from either side and from behind if possible. Just play around with the position of the lights until you are happy with it.

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