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video lighting - White Umbrellas

by Musi

Hi, I have 2 white umbrellas with florescent bulbs. Correct me if i am wrong. So the 2 white umbrella will be on each side of the subject facing towards the green screen. And then what kind of light I be using beside the camcorder facing towards the subject.

Also Umbrella are always facing against the target , right ?


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video lighting - White Umbrellas

You ideally need five lights for producing good Chromakey Musi). Two lights for the green screen, set at 45 degrees either side and facing the green screen.

You then light your talent as normal using the '3 light' method as described in the 'Video Lighting' section in the left hand navigation column, but you can normally get away with using one light for the talent.

Make sure you diffuse the lights well, and do a a video check to ensure you don't have any 'hot spots' on the green screen.

Your talent should be at least six feet away from the green screen to ensure there are no shadows on it.

Hope that helps, and best of luck.

Mr Video :-)

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