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Video Opt In Form

by Robert Sterling
(West Pittston, PA, USA)

I am seeing many Internet marketer who are offering a free video to watch however it forces the prospect to fill in an opt-in form before they can view the video. What is that script called and where can one obtain it.


Very cool site

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Video Opt In Form

Pete, Thanks for the information.

BTW, when you emailed me today... I got 3!!!

I love Comcast, more for the money ;)

Thanks again,

Sorry to hear my emails aren't getting through Rob. Here's the email I sent you for your convenience;

Hi Rob,

If you want to use the same video squeeze templates that I and all the Internet Gurus are using, then you really must check out Web 2.0 Opt-In Templates

Dan Nickerson has put together the best package of Web 2.0 style video opt-in templates I've seen, and it was one of the best value purchases I've made this year.

The bonuses are honestly worth the purchase price alone, and he offers great support!


Mr Video

Hi Pete,

I think we have an email problem. I sent several emails to the support email regarding the opt in package, but have not received any response.

My guess is the email monsters ate it.

Please give me an alternative means to get that information.


Great information and be sure to check your email box. ;)

We do have a collection of Web 2.0 Premium video opt in forms similar to the ones you are looking for Robert.

They cost $47 for the set.

Go to Web 2.0 Opt-In Templates for more details.


Mr Video :-)

I saw the free optin form that you offer however, I am looking for the one used by Andy Jenkins, Paul Kern etc.

Thanks for your help...

Love your site

We have a free video opt in form right here on this site Robert.

Click on the 'Video Opt In' link in the navigation bar on the left of the page, and you will find a link to a free video opt in form, and a free video tutorial on how to use it.


Mr Video :-)

Video Opt in form with autoresponders

by hector


I really liked your site. I am particularly interested in How to put my Video Opt in in my main page.

But you know, "easy" means something different for you and me. Maybe for you is easy.

This is the deal.

I need more detailed and video instructions of how to put this form with an Autoresponder Opt in in sbi into my site. I Loved it.

You can charge me for this service, I am willing to pay (a fair price :)

By the way... I tried by several means, I use Dreamweaver, but this thing just did not run.



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Video Opt in form autoresponders

Thanks for your new process to put a video-autoresponder.

I hope you can make it in "video" instead of writting.

I like your site



Hi Hector,

Sorry to hear you're having some problems adding the free video opt in form to your website.

We will be adding a new and modern free video opt in form in the near future, which will look a lot better and be easier to install.

Mr Video :-)

by Philip

I have watched the video but using my autoresponder code I get submission failed not an email address.

Does your form only work with aweber ?

Any help appreciated.


It works with all autoresponder programs Philip, but you may need to tweak the code a little to get it to work depending on which one you use.

Aweber is the program I recommend and use though.

Mr Video :-)

If you have a video question, click HERE to ask Mr Video!


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