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Understanding Video Storage for Your Web Site

Choose the right video hosting option for you.

So what exactly is video hosting?

Well, you've made your video and now you want to put it on your website.

The first thing you need to do is store your video somewhere, so that you have the URL location of your video (e.g. http://www.mywebsite.com/myvideo.flv) to add to your HTML video embed code. Click HERE to learn how to add video to your website for free!

You have several video hosting options available to you, all with their own advantages and disadvantages.

OPTION 1 - You add your video to the root directory of your website via FTP or 'Special File Manager' if you're using SBI!.

The advantages of this are you are already paying a fee for hosting your website, so why not just use that space to include your video hosting as well?

Sounds great, but here's the disadvantages to doing this. Video files are BIG and can soon gobble up all your allocated storage space and bandwidth allowance, which may result in your web pages loading slower than usual and having to pay for extra storage/bandwidth from your video hosting company.

'Storage Space' is the same as the Hard Disk Drive on your computer. Every video hosting company has a size limit, depending on the hosting account you use. It could be as little as 100MB for videos, audio etc. if you use SBI!, and as an average 10 minute video is about 20-30MB, you can see how it's going to fill up very quickly.

'Bandwidth Allowance' is the amount of information that can be transferred from the server to a Browser. Hosting companies limit the amount of bandwidth a user has available per month

e.g. You have a PDF ebook on your site that is 1mb in size, and you had 1Gb of bandwidth allowance, visitors could download the file 1000 times. Or you have a video on your site that is 10MB in size. Visitors could watch it 100 times.

More than that, and you will have exceeded your bandwidth allowance. Your video hosting company can then temporarily shut down your website until you upgrade to a new hosting account with a higher bandwidth allowance, or they sometimes just do it automatically and you have to pay more each month.

OPTION 2 - Free Third_Party video hosting. To avoid all the stress and expense of doing it all yourself, you can use a Free 'Third-Party' video hosting service that will store your videos for you.

But as we all know there is no such thing as a 'free lunch', you will have to pay for the service sooner or later ;-)

The usual trick is to offer you a 'free' account which provides very little storage space and bandwidth allowance, which means before you know it, you have to 'upgrade' to their 'Premium' paid option to get the service you need.

Another problem with these free video hosting services is they can disappear as quickly as they appeared, as they soon discover they cannot make a living offering things free of charge, and they close down (Taking your videos with them!).

OPTION 3 - Video Share Sites. Video share sites such as YouTube , Veoh, Vimeo, Metacafe etc. are some of the most popular sites on the Internet, and it's easy to see why.

They allow you to upload your video to their servers. Video hosting is free, and they provide you with the HTML embed code to add the video on your website.

It's perfect for teenagers to add their blurry videos to their Facebook or MySpace page, but having the YouTube video player on your home page is hardly the professional image any business website owner is trying to portray is it?

Having the YouTube logo splashed all over your website weakens your own site branding, advertising your competitors videos when your video has finished and to add insult to injury, when your valued visitor clicks anywhere on the YouTube video player, they are whisked off to YouTube's home page.


If you're still tempted to use their free?? video hosting, just do this quick exercise. Make a list of all the successful business websites on the Internet that use a YouTube video player on their home page.

I'm guessing you still staring at a blank piece of paper ;-)

Video share sites, like YouTube, are great for uploading short promotional videos telling everyone how great your website is, and driving traffic to your site.

But when the visitors arrive at your site, hungry for more great content, the last thing they want to see is the same video they just saw on YouTube or a collection of other YouTube videos made by someone else. They could have watched that at YouTube or a thousand other sites that have embedded the same videos!

You need to treat them to unique high quality video content displayed in a video player with your own logo and redirect link on it.

This is what OPTION 4 can offer you.

OPTION 4 -SBITUBE. SBITUBE is like YouTube, except it doesn't have any company logos or sneaky redirects added to the video player it provides. It is a blank canvas, allowing you to easily add your own logo, preview image and redirect (Maybe to your sales page, newsletter sign up page or even an affiliate page!).

You upload your video just like you do at YouTube, converts your video to HQ FLV, provides reliable and dedicated video hosting, and SBITUBE also gives you the HTML embed code to add the video to your website. Just copy and paste and you're done!

They also provide video tutorials showing you how to easily add your own logo, preview image and redirect link to the free video player, and offer 24/7 email support if you ever get stuck.

So what's the catch?

Well, it isn't free. The free 30 day trial is free (So you can try it out), but membership will cost you from just under 32 cents per day.

This is what SBITube offers you:

  • ALL NEW Encoding system - Now SBITUBE videos will detect which device the video will be played on and plays correct video format - no need to lose viewers that can only view flash or mac
  • Professional video hosting without all the spam and ads that "free" hosting offers
  • Quick and easy way to upload your videos and acquire an embed code to paste to your website
  • Low cost - as low as 10 cents per gigabit of storage
  • You have 100% control of your videos

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30 Day Free Trial

Check out what real users of SBI Tube have to say

"SBITUBE has the quality and professionalism I was looking for, at a price that blows the competition out of the water. More importantly, I can actually get great feedback from technical support when I need it. It's a no-brainer for me. I'm switching everything over to SBITUBE."
Neil F. Neimark, M.D.

"SBiTube overdelivers. The site is sooooo simple to use, support is par excellance and the tutorials are a breeze! I've already loaded about twenty videos on my site and watch my daily visitor count rocket. All the best."
Jon Mumford

"I think your basic level package of $1.99 is the easiest and best deal out there! You are not going to find an easier or cheaper way to add HIGH quality video to your site than with SBITUBE. It takes me just a few minutes to upoad my videos to SBITUBE and then embed them on my site."
Douglas Schrift PT

"Sbitube came along and it made all the difference. With Pete's simple guidance, I was able to achieve a more professional look, without any blurry images at the beginning and without any outside services logos or links re-directing my visitors to other sites after they were done watching my video (This is the best part, which you don't get with other hosting services. The support and direction is invaluable, especially if you are new at this video uploading business."
Miriam Chavez-Hoffmann

"I'm delighted with your service. Thanks again."
John Vandebrooke

"At long last I've found an easy way to upload my videos to my website, without having to use Youtube. It's very easy. Many thanks SBITUBE."
Geof Watson

I LOVE your services and this makes it so that I pay for only what I use. Keep up the excellent work!
Mary Jane

I've just uploaded my first 2 videos to my website by using SBITUBE. I had attempted in the past to upload videos to my site with no success (my tech skills are limited).On my first try with SBITUBE: SUCCESS! and a couple of days later, my second video went up on my site: even easier the second time. Wow! This service is invaluable for me. I am so grateful!
Karen Zorn

I'm a newbie in the online world. I spent 5 hours trying to encode my video with Movie Maker. Found SBITUBE, spoke with Pete and in 5 minutes I was finish. Thanks Pete.
Deborah Pretty

When my website was just an idea in my head, I knew my vision included the need for videos but I had no idea of how I was going to implement them. Then came along SBITube. I was astounded by how truly simple they made the process and at a very affordable cost. Furthermore, when I have had questions they have responded promptly...sometimes within the hour. There is no service available that can compare to what SBITube offers and how they offer it. Thanks SBITube.

I have been using SBITube now for approx 3 months and have found the service to be very reliable and quick and easy to use. Pete has also always been courteous, friendly and helpful whenever I've had any questions and he is a pleasure to do business with."
Colin Dorman

And your SBITUBE service is super, super easy! Thanks for your helpful feedback and the excellent work you do. The free resources are awesome and the 'for-purchase' resources you recommend are totally worth every penny.
Matt Laughlin MA

Real testimonials from real members. That makes a change doesn't it?

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If you have any video hosting related questions, please click HERE to ask Mr Video!

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