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In this Video Lighting Tips video tutorial, you will learn about the different types of lighting you can use in video production.

I recommend getting two 5100K 'Daylight' fluorescent Softboxes from Ebay, which you can buy for under $200. They give an excellent soft filled light, which is perfect for shooting video.

If you are on a budget, you can just purchase some 5100K 'Daylight' fluorescent bulbs ($10 each) and place them in some desk or floor lamps.

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Here's the transcript of the video:

Now after you have your camcorder, microphone, and tripod then you are going to need some type of lights. You would think that you might be able to use some natural lights. Natural lights are going to make your video look like it was shot in your bedroom. It's not going to have the qualities you want. Now when it comes to lighting, you have some several options.

Most people start out with the $20 quartz shop lamps that you can buy at Wal-Mart. They do work well but they put a lot of glare out and they put a lot of heat in the room.

As for professionals, what they'll do is use something like a softbox. This is a softbox, I'll bring it onto the set. This is a big light, you can see that it's a fairly large light and what this does is it gives you a nice well-lit image into the studio room. A good set of softbox, I’ve got a set of two, will run you about $400 with stands. That includes everything from the stand, the softbox, bulbs, and everything you need to put them together.

The disadvantage is the quartz lights in general is that using them in a small room or studio, they generate a tremendous amount of heat and they can quickly make it very difficult to work in a room as far as the heat requirements.

What I use are special fluorescent lights and these are special lights that produce a color balanced video. They don't hum nor give the green cast, and best of all for shooting a situation like this is that they don't heat the room up. Actually the video you are watching right now, there are just two fluorescent lights that we're using to light this whole area and the total investment in those lights was less than $100. Now in other videos that I produced, I show you how to put together a system like that but to do that you need to have two color balance fluorescent tubes and those will be the 50 or 5000k tubes that you can buy down at your local Lowes. You need to have electronic ballast lights so they don't hum or flicker. If you can find those, you could do real well with fluorescent lights and they do a great job.

Lighting Options

  • Quartz Shot Lights
  • Studio Soft Box Lights
  • Fluorescent Lights

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