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Video Opt In Tutorial

Using Video to Build a Mailing List

Welcome to this video tutorial, where you will discover how easy it is to add our free video opt in form to your website and increase your opt in conversions rate by 10-12%.

The money is in the list, and with this powerful free tool, you can quickly build HUGE lists in no time at all.

"By the way, just a few days after I posted my first intro video for a counseling workshop I give, I had my first 'internet' registration. This is the first time someone has registered without first talking to me in person or being referred. I am 100% sure watching the intro video - which gives people a sense of the workshop - made all the difference. Many thanks!" Matt Laughlin MA from spirituscounseling.com

As well as the opt in form, you will also need the embed code for a 250 x 200 video and the HTML code for an autoresponder form.

The size of the video is important. Any bigger and the video form will not fit together.

To watch the video tutorial, simply click the white triangle on the image below. Don't forget to turn your speakers on ;-)

Video hosting & embed code provided by SBITUBE

If the video keeps pausing or 'buffering', your computer and/or Internet connection is running a little slow. Simply hit the 'pause' button and let the video load before playing (See the loading bar below the video).

If you cannot see the video above at all, you probably need to download the latest free version of the Adobe Flash Player by clicking HERE.

If you have any video related questions, please click HERE to ask Mr Video!

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