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The video opt in page is a much more effective way of quickly building HUGE lists than a conventional opt in page, as these statistics from independent industry watchdog, eMarketer clearly show;

- Over 50% of viewers will take action after watching a video. 12% of those will make a purchase (Compared to 1% reading traditional text advertising copy)

- 65% of viewers will watch a video ad to the end (Compared to less than 20% who finish reading an online sales page)

Combine those facts with the ability to SHOW & TELL your visitor from the video what they need to do to sign up for your newsletter, report, free gift etc., and you have a very powerful combination that will see your opt in rate sky rocket!

Learn to create your own video opt in page.

Just being able to point at the opt in form from the video, telling your visitors exactly what to do - "Put your name there. Your email address there" - whilst persuading them to sign up with some juicy bonuses will mean a BIG jump in your opt in conversion rates.

You can of course still use good sales copy on your video opt in form to reinforce your offer, but the video is going to do most of the work.

The real power you possess lies in the huge psychological advantage you have using a video opt in page.

It's a lot easier for your visitor to ignore your opt in form when it's sat there all on it's own, but much harder to ignore when there is a video telling them what to do, how to do it and what they get if they sign up!

Don't underestimate the power of the video opt in form until you have tried it for yourself. It's very easy to add to your site (Essentially, it's a bunch of fancy graphics with a video and opt in form embedded in it!), and you can get a freelance programmer to make a custom video opt in form for about $100.

But if you would like to download the video opt in form shown above for free, then 'Right Click' VIDEO OPT-IN and save to your computer. (Please note - This is a ZIP file and you will need compression software to open it)

If you would like to watch our video tutorial showing you how easy it is to add the free video opt in form to your website, click on Video Optin Tutorial.

It is just human nature to instantly react when asked to do something by another person, especially if the offer is good enough. We are programmed to respond to commands, and most people just like being shown what to do. It makes life a lot simpler!

It's also a natural reflex to copy another persons actions.

For example, you can easily walk past other person on the street when they are not interacting with you, but if someone looks right at you, smiles, calls your name and holds out their hand, the chances are you will immediately stop, smile back and shake their hand...even before you know what you're doing.

It's human nature.

The video opt in page will make your visitor stop and enter their name and email address. And who knows, depending on what you are offering, it might even make them smile as well :-)

If you have any video related questions, please click HERE to ask Mr Video!

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